Chapter 7.2: Groups

A Group is a subset of an organization that allows you to customize BullPhish ID Campaign targets information. You can create multiple groups to categorize campaigns. 


    • Modifications to a group will not affect the campaigns that are in the "In Progress" state because group information is synced right before a campaign is processed. Changes made to a group will reflect in new or scheduled campaigns. 
    • The statuses listed below are considered as in the 'In Progress' state:
      • "Processing," "Sending Emails," and "Running Campaign Statuses." 


1. To create a group, navigate to the left panel, Targets & Groups > Groups, and click Create Group.

Note: Targets can be created initially before adding to a group, or they can be manually imported from a CSV file while creating a group. 



2. Upon clicking "Create Group," a modal dialog box appears on the screen. You will first be instructed to name the group. Fill in group details and click "Create."

Groups consist of the following properties.

  • Group Name - The Name used to identify your Group.
  • Associated Organization - The Organization to which your Groups' Targets belong. Campaigns can target one or many groups within a single organization.
  • Import File - You can manually import targets here by uploading a CSV format file, and these targets will be added to this group. 
    • CSV file format is as follows: First Name, Last Name, Email, and Position.

Note: You can delete the imported CSV file using the delete icon. 


Once a group is created, you can see a success message at the bottom of the page. 


Note: If you want to add one or more targets to the group, scroll down to the "Targets in Group" section and click "Add Targets to Group."


5.  To assign a target to a group, click the user add+ button under the Actions column. 

  • The target(s) will then be moved to the "Selected Targets" table. Once the targets have been selected, click the "Add Selected Targets" button. 

Note: To remove a target, click the user minus button. You can also deselect the selected targets using "Deselect Checked Targets."


Once targets are successfully added to a group, a pop-up message appears at the bottom of the page saying, "Successfully added targets to a group."


You can view successfully added targets to a group from the Targets in Group page. 


Note: You can remove a list of targets from a group by selecting the checkbox next to it and clicking the "Remove Targets from Group" button. 


And you can also use the delete icon to remove a target from the group.


Edit/Delete Group 

Once a group is created, you can also edit/delete an existing Group.

  • Select a group you want to edit and click the Edit icon. Once you do so, the following modal dialog box appears on the screen.


  • Select a group you want to edit and click the Delete icon. Once you do so, the following modal dialog box appears on the screen.


Groups can be used across the Phishing Simulation and Training & Awareness modules.

  • You'll now be able to filter columns using the "Group Name" and "Associated Organization."  


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