08/11/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.59

This release includes several enhancements and bug fixes.


  • BullPhish ID Integration with Graphus: Organizations with unlicensed users will be auto-set to an "Inactive" state and cannot use Graphus integration. Only licensed users can use this integration. This updated functionality will allow organizations with unlicensed users to continue sending campaigns through the SMTP service (safelisting required). 

The following message will be displayed upon hover for "Inactive" organizations with unlicensed users:
"This organization cannot be enabled because Graphus supports only licensed users. 'N' unlicensed users were found. Please refer to the article for steps to find the list of licensed/protected users on the Graphus site." Please check the following article to learn How to find a list of the licensed/protected user(s) on the Graphus site.


  • Improved Localization: Variable [courses] in email templates for the Training module have been updated. It will now translate all information on courses in the language selected for the template.


  • Redesigned Create Group functionality: A new modal window will now be displayed when you click on the "Create New Group" button under Targets & Groups > GroupsThe fields remain the same. You can now delete the imported CSV file using the delete icon. Check out the detailed guide to learn how to create Groups


  • Redesigned Directories Page:
    • The look and feel of the Directories page have been enhanced. You'll now be able to filter SMB organizations using the "Name" filter. 


    • A new modal dialog box has been added to the delete directory functionality. For example, if you want to delete synchronization with an Active directory, click the delete icon next to the plug icon, and a below modal dialog box appears on the screen. 


  • ToolTips have been redesigned for the "BullPhish Portal."


  • On the DarkWeb ID Dashboard under the "Reporting" section, the training simulation statistics for a particular SMB will now show started, running, or completed campaigns in the selected time range. Previously, these stats only included campaigns started in the selected range. This behavior is now in sync with the phishing simulation statistics.

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