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Chapter 2: To Get Started

This quick start guide contains a step-by-step process of understanding how to log in to the BullPhish ID portal with different authentication methods. Once you know all the authentication methods, you can select the best option to secure your BullPhish ID account. 

Note:  Existing customers can log in via the BullPhish ID login page or continue logging in via the Dark Web ID page.

1. Go to

2. Fill in Your Username and Password and click login


Two-Factor Authentication is implemented in the application to protect the account. The application supports Passly Authenticator or Free OTP.

4. Click Get Started to setup two-factor authentication and follow the steps below.


a. Download and install Passly Authenticator or Mobile OTP on your mobile device.

b. Use the app to scan QR Code.

c. Enter the code generated by the app and click Next.

Note: The "Can't scan?" can be used if the user can't scan the QR code.


Note: It will set up two-factor authentication instead of QR code. Please enter your authentication code generated by your two-factor authentication application in the field and click Verify. Or click the Use recovery code option to view the codes.  


Setup Password and Two-Factor Authentication

After successful login, you can set up a password and Two-Factor Authentication under the My Settings page.

  • Go to My Account » My Settings » Authentication.
  • Set up your password with the following instructions and click Save.


  • Click Reset Two-Factor Authentication to reset your two-factor authentication and follow the instructions.


The session lifetime of BullPhish ID is 30 minutes by default. Your session will expire if you haven't interacted with the authorization server for more than 30 minutes. Log Out will redirect you to the login screen. Check out a detailed guide about Session lifetime.

Note: Logging out from the application will clear the browser cache; any sensitive information that might have been saved will be deleted.

Forgot Password

If you forgot and want to reset your email password, click Forgot Password. The page redirects you to Forgot Password screen; provide your email address. Further, you'll receive a reset link to your email address. The link will redirect you to a new page and allow you to set your new password where you can successfully change/update your password.


Once you successfully save a new password, you must enter your credentials and a Two-Factor Authentication code to log in to the application.

Login with KaseyaOne

You're logging in with IT Complete. For more information, look at How to Enable Kaseya IT Complete in BullPhish ID?

Kaseya One Overview

Kaseya One is the central hub for the Kaseya IT Complete portfolio, which is technically integrated. Now, Kaseya One will provide customers with access to the following set of capabilities:

  • Log In with IT Complete - Unified Single Sign-on access to all your Kaseya IT Complete modules from a unique location in Kaseya One.
  • Consolidated access to Support - Unified access to your Kaseya support tickets for all modules from a specific location in Kaseya One.
  • Billing Portal access- Unified view to all your Kaseya Subscriptions and Invoices with access to the Billing portal for managing payments.
  • Cooper Intelligence Engine - Cooper will provide insights into how to use your Kaseya modules better.

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