How do I use the Import CSV button?

Note: This feature is available for partner admins, partner agents, and privileged users.

CSV file

You can upload multiple targets at once using a CSV file. When creating the file, the following information should be included for each target:

First Name (Optional)

Last Name (Optional)

Email (Required)

Position (Optional)

Target information must be entered using the following format:  
First Name, Last Name, Email, Position

Format criteria: 

  • Each information item should be included. However, only the email address is required.
  • Each information item must be separated by a comma. A space can be entered after each comma, but it is not required.
  • All commas are required, even when optional items are omitted. For example: , ,,
  • Each target must be entered on its own line.
  • A maximum of 500 targets can be included in one CSV file.

Here is a CSV file example:


Note: You can download a CSV template to create your CSV file. Follow the steps below and in step 4, click Import CSV Template. The template includes the placeholder text First_Name, Last_Name, Email, Position. Do not include the placeholder text in your file.

To import targets via a CSV file:

  1. Log in to the BullPhish ID portal.
  2. In the left menu pane, select Targets & Groups > Targets.
  3. Click the Import CSV button.
  4. In the Import Targets modal:
    a. In the Associated Organization list, select the applicable organization.
    b. In the File field, drag and drop your CSV file or click in the field to select your CSV file.
    CSV 2.png
  5. Click Import. In the lower-left corner, a message appears indicating the number of targets added or updated.


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Added: All commas are required, even when optional items are omitted. For example: , ,,



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