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The shared mailbox feature is based on the principle of one username and multiple email IDs. The objective of having a shared mailbox is that you can use multiple email IDs belonging to the same mailbox for different purposes. Email parser uses OAuth now to support shared mailboxes for Office 365 servers with OAuth 2.0 enabled.


This feature is enabled only when the customer is using as the incoming mail server and OAuth2.0 is enabled which means you should have the following two criteria in place:

  • Outlook Office 365
  • OAuth 2.0


  1. Go to Admin > Service Desk > Email Parser.
  2. Click New. The New Email Parser page opens. You should fill the details in the Basics section on top and in the IMAP Settings tab at the bottom.
  3. In the Basics section, do the following:
    • Mailbox Name: Enter a name of your choice for the mailbox.
    • Email: Enter your primary email ID.
    • Password: Enter a password for the username. For shared mailboxes, the password entered should be the password for the username, since the e-mail ID is shared and does not have its own credentials.
    • Username: Enter the username in the format
    • Status: By default, Active is selected. Leave it as it is.
    • Add Attachments to Ticket: By default, Yes is selected. Leave it as it is.
    • Add CCs to Tickets: By default, No is selected. Select Yes.
  4. In the IMAP Settings tab, do the following:
    • Incoming Mail Server: Enter incoming mail server name as
    • Server Port Number: By default, 993 is entered. 
    • Encryption Type: By default, SSL is selected from the dropdown. You can select any other encryption type as well.
    • Search Folder: By default, Inbox is entered. You can select any other folder as well.
    • Enable OAuth 2.0 Authentication: By default, No is selected. Select Yes. When you select Yes, three new fields appear below, and they are Application ID, Directory ID, and Shared Mailbox.
    • Application ID: Get your application ID from Office 365.
    • Directory ID: Get your directory ID from Office 365.
    • Shared Mailbox: By default, this is selected as No. Select Yes.
  5. Click Save.


Once you have enabled the shared mailbox feature, you should update the email to have the shared mailbox and the username to have the username for this mailbox.
For example:
The email parser will connect to the server using the username and password. The email parser will start reading emails coming to the email ( and not the username.


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