Windows Logon Agents not working post v7.2.4a release

Action Required – Passly Windows Login Agent 

Issue: Passly Windows Login Agents may not require 2FA for logins (only username/passwords) after release 7.2.4a 

Description: Passly v7.2.4a was deployed at 3AM EDT July 8, 2022. Post deployment some Windows Login Agents installed may not have automatically updated properly resulting in the agent no longer requiring 2FA for logins.  Username and password was still enforced.  This issue only applies to Login Agents installed locally on Windows machines and not to any other features or functions of Passly. 

Remediation: If you are using Windows Login Agents, to restore 2FA functionality, select one of the following actions to re-install the Passly Windows Login Agent as follows: 

  1. Option#1 – Leverage the Windows MSI Installer available at:  
  2.  Option#2 – Leverage the VSA RMM to automate the install via an agent procedure by clicking: Direct link to the package via the Automation Exchange.
  3. Option#3 – Leverage Windows Group Policy Deployment using the instructions below:


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