Updating Windows Logon Agents to v2.2.2

Passly has an agent named the Windows Logon Agent. This agent can be used to enforce 2FA logins on Windows.

If your users are using a Windows Logon Agent and you want to use the latest version we have created the following script to assist.


You can download a new installer from Passly, you will need to populate the following when deploying the agent.

  • Home realm: https://companyname.my.passly.com
  • Secret Key: (Displayed in Auth Manager)
  • Secret ID: (Displayed in Auth Manager)

Download installer via: https://passlyprodwuappsa.blob.core.windows.net/files/PasslyWinLogonCP.msi 
Note: Installer will override existing settings of an installed Windows Logon agent.


Update Agent

You can update existing Windows Logon Agent agent via the linked PowerShell script.

  1. Download WLAv2.2.2.zip compressed file.
  2. Decompress the folder on the machine you wish to deploy to and run WLA-Update.ps1
    Note: This will replace the existing installed agent with the updated agent using the settings set in Auth Manager.
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