06/30/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.56

This release includes New Features and Enhancements.


Advanced Phishing Simulations - Integration with Graphus is now LIVE.

The Advanced Phishing Simulations functionality release is a significant BullPhish ID enhancement that leverages a new integration with Graphus, eliminating the need for domain whitelisting and ensuring 100% campaign deliverability to your end-users. With this integration, you can deliver phishing simulations and training emails to the user inbox by skipping the SMTP service.



  • The following modal dialog box appears on the screen when Partner Admin/Agent tries to create Phishing/Training campaigns for an SMB organization linked with more than one domain. It reminds the user that only one domain should be associated with an organization.



The following new training courses are now available on BPID Portal: "Dashboard" > "Training Courses"

1. Nation-State Cybercrime: Industrial and Infrastructure Targets 




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