Why didn't SMB organizations sync after integration with Graphus Or Multiple domains assigned to an SMB organization?

If one or more organizations you expected did not sync with the integration, it might be one of the following reasons:  

  • SMB organizations might have targets associated with more than one domain. 
    • Each SMB organization should have targets belonging to a unique domain. 


Note: Check out our detailed guide to learn

How to create SMB Organization?

How to ensure an SMB organization is associated with a unique domain?

How to identify targets/ domains which do not belong to your SMB Organization?

1. Log in to BullPhish ID https://bullphishid.com/login. 

2. Go to "Targets" under "Targets & Groups." 

3. Select the "Associated Organization" filter and select the associated SMB organization which is not integrating with Graphus integration. 


4. You can view the entire target list here. Now ensure that all the existing email addresses belong to a unique domain. If you find more than one domain associated with the targets, you must delete them. It is because an SMB organization must be associated with a unique domain. 

Note: The integration will get revoked if more than one domain is linked to an SMB organization.


5. To identify the domains that do not belong to the specific SMB organization, apply the "Domain name" filter. You can view the list of domains associated with the particular SMB from the dropdown. 

Identify the unique domain that belongs to your organization from the list and select the domains that do not belong to the organization.


6. The filtered targets are now listed in the table below. Now, you may select and delete these targets.

Recommendation: We recommend exporting the filtered list of targets before deletion using the Export CSV button on the top right side of your screen. If you wish to add these targets to a new organization, the exported CSV file will come in handy. It would allow you to later import these targets to new SMB organizations correctly associated with a unique domain. Check out the following article to learn How to use the Export CSV button? – Kaseya


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