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Chapter 5.1: View All Campaign

View All Campaigns 

The Phishing Simulation dashboard displays a list of all phishing campaigns sorted by most recent Campaign Name by default. All Campaigns data is refreshed every 5 minutes, but this page must be refreshed/restored to display new data.

To view a further breakdown of the data of a specific campaign and adjust its settings, click the desired campaign under the Campaign Name column. 


The View icon will navigate you to the particular campaign details screen. This page will request the newest campaign information to display the most up-to-date data on the page. The four cards here represent the statistics data for the specific campaign. The Email Log catalogs the Event Timeline for each Target.

The campaign details page lets you view basic information about the campaign and allows you to take a couple of actions. Let's discuss each step in detail below.

At the top of the page is an infographics bar that displays the status of all active campaigns. The four graphs above the table convey the average number of actions completed across all campaigns.

You can generate reports in both CSV and PDF formats.

  1. Go to Actions and click on the "Generate CSV/PDF Report" tab.


The downloading process may take some time, and you can view the following loading message on the screen: "Your Report is being generated. It might take a few minutes. You can come back later to download it."


  1. Once the report is ready to be downloaded, click Download.


Once you open the report, you'll find the following sections. Here is a brief overview of fields/status that reports carry for you.  

  • No Action: The campaigns are sent to the users, but no action has been taken on the sent email. I.e., the email has not been opened yet.  
  • Opened Email: Users opened the email. However, they didn't click any link yet. 
  • Clicked Link: Users opened the email and clicked the campaign link. 
  • Submitted Data: Users have taken action against the email and submitted data.

Emails Campaigns sent to the 6 targets - It briefs you that the organization conducts Phishing Campaigns, and the Phishing emails are sent to the 6 targeted users successfully. Which indicates a 100% sent.  

33%/No Action- The phishing emails are sent to 6 targeted users; out of 6, 2 targeted users ignored the emails. Out of 100%, 33% of users ignored the email, and no action was taken against the phishing campaign emails.  

66%/Emails Opened - The phishing emails were sent to 6 targeted users/recipients; out of 6, 4 recipients opened the emails. Out of 100%,66% opened the link to check what email carries. 

50%/Clicked Link - The phishing emails were sent to 6 targeted users/recipients; out of 6, 3 recipients opened the emails and clicked a link. Out of 100%, 50% of users clicked the link.  


16%/Submitted Data - The phishing emails were sent to 6 targeted users/recipients; out of 6, 1 targeted user opened the emails, clicked links, and submitted data on the phishing website, clicked a link, and submitted data on the phishing website. Out of 100%, only 16% of users submitted the data. 

Selecting any campaign from the list will make you visible to the Recreate functionality.


  Once you click Recreate, the following modal window opens for you.


 You can hide the card's content with the arrow button.


Buttons are hidden until you select any campaign from the campaign list.

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