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Organization Settings/Setup Clients

This article highlights the different areas of the Organization Settings and Setup Clients area of the site.

The Organization Settings page contains all the relevant information regarding your company. Here you can view information about your subscription, establish your IT Glue or PSA integrations, assign roles (permissions), enable our API, and define the default title for your Alignment Report.


To view/edit information about your company:

  • Click on the account menu (your avatar) and select Organization settings
  • You'll see several tabs
      • By default, you'll be brought to the General tab where you can add your company logo, change your company name, and view billing details about your subscription. If you wish to add more licenses please
      • Click the Add logo button to have your logo appear on your reports unless you upload client logos. (see our articles on Adding Company Logo and Clients).
      • The Integrations tab is where you can connect a PSA tool(seeAutotask Integrator Setup orConnectWise Integrator Setup) or IT Glue configurations (see IT Glue Integration Setup and IT Glue: Features and Usage).
      • The date format, time zone, and currency apply to some areas of the site however, please see our article on setting your default currency for more information. You can also set a default name for your alignment report for all clients.

        Please note

        myITprocess will use the information in this area to display on reports in Q2.

      • The Permissions tab is where you'll see our default role and new ones specific to your company can be added. See here for more.
      • API Keys allows you to create custom reports using our REST API.
      • The Notifications tab allows you to specify admin resources that can receive notifications for reviews as well as set defaults.
          • Assign ownership: When an assigned resource to a review is changed to a different resource they will receive an email. Select additional resources that will be alerted if resources are changed
          • Assign reviews: Any time a new review is created, specify which user will receive an alert.
      • Security is where you can enable/disable IT Complete Single Sign-on and two-step verification.

While you establish your integrations on the Organization Settings page, on the Setup Clients page you can add IT Glue organizations and map your PSA clients.



Simply click the Create a client button and the row will shift down. Note, this will client will also be available when visiting the Clients menu.



To import IT Glue organizations and have them created as mapped clients inside of myITprocess, click the Add from IT Glue button. The pop-up message informs you of how many available organizations you can import based on your available clients inside of myITprocess.



Click the drop-down menu and begin selecting organizations and then click the Import button. Clients will be created and their mapping will already be in place.


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