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Chapter 6: Training & Awareness

Steps to Create a Training Campaign


Well, before you create a training campaign, ensure the following requirements are met:

  1. You should activate SMB organizations. 
  2. You may select a sending profile from the existing list or create a new one with a verified sending domain. Note: Global profiles and sending domains are available for all our customers.
  3. You should create at least one training course.
  4. You should create at least one group or synchronize with any directory. 

Targets & Groups Introduction:

The Targets & Groups module allows you to create lists of email recipients or targets for your campaigns. Before adding a target to a group, a target must be created. Groups can be used across the Training module. Modifications to a Group will not affect campaigns in progress. However, changes that will be made to group(s) will reflect in scheduled campaigns.  

To create a training campaign, follow the below instructions:

1. Log In to your BullPhish ID Portal.

2. Navigate to your left-side menu and select Create Training Campaign under Training & Awareness.


3. Please fill in the New Campaign details as defined below.

  • Campaign Name: The name will identify your campaign.
  • Associated Organization: It contains SMB organizations. 
  • Campaign Description (Optional): A description allows you to identify the campaign quickly. 
  • Sending Profile: Sending profiles are available for sending training campaigns to the email address from which your campaign will be sent. Click the dropdown to check the available sending profiles.
  • Schedule Frequency: Schedule frequency defines how often your campaign will recur. Individual campaigns will be created for each course; click the dropdown to choose schedule frequency as  Once, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, and Quarterly. Once, weekly, monthly, or yearly, select a delivery time to send emails automatically at a recurring interval.
    • Once: Campaign emails will be sent at once at the selected starting date & time.
    • Weekly: Campaign emails will be sent periodically over the course of one week (Weekly).
    • Biweekly: Campaign emails will be sent periodically over the course of two weeks (Biweekly).
    • Monthly: Campaign emails will be sent periodically over the course of 30 days (Monthly).
    • Quarterly: Campaign emails will be sent periodically over the course of 90 days (Quarterly).1.PNG
  • Campaign Starting Date & Time: The Date & Time on which the campaign starts sending the email(s).
  • Training Course Expiration: Set training expiration duration from 7 days to 2 years.


Select the groups and training courses you want to include in the campaign.

  • My Groups: "My Groups" include all groups with active targets for selected organizations.
    • Available Groups – Indicates all Groups that are associated with your targeted organization. Click and drag it from the "Available" column to the "Attached to Campaign" column to select a group. 


  • My Courses: "My Courses" include all available courses for the selected organization. The preview mode of each course is available for a user by clicking on the view icon. Pinned courses will be at the top of the list, and you can search for courses you have made. Additionally, you can fetch courses by applying the "Only hot" filter. (The application fetches only hot training courses on the screen)0.1.png
    • Attached to Campaign: Click and drag courses from the "Available" column to the "Attached to Campaign" column. You can view a list of campaigns that will be sent based on your campaign schedule frequency. You can add several courses in one campaign. 


Note: There should be at least one course to complete this step successfully. Go to the Training Courses under the Training & Awareness section and create a course.

  1. Once you have finished configuring your training campaign, click the "Create" button.

Once a Campaign is successfully created, you are automatically taken to the Training & Awareness Campaigns dashboard. You can view all training campaign data from the side navigation bar Training & Awareness » View All Training Campaigns. 

Here is a quick look for you. 


To view a further breakdown of the data of a specific campaign and adjust its settings, click the desired campaign under the "Campaign Name" column. This page will request the newest Campaign information to display the most up-to-date Campaign Data.

Clicking the "View" icon on a specific Campaign will navigate you to the Campaign Details screen. 

View all Training Campaigns 

Once a Campaign is created, you can view its details on the "View All Training Campaigns" page under the "Training & Awareness" module.

The Training & Awareness Campaign dashboard displays a list of all training campaigns sorted by the most recent ones.

The card in the dashboard displays the status of all active campaigns and the actions completed across all campaigns.

  • No Action: An email with an invite to the training course is successfully sent to the user, but no action has been taken on the sent email. I.e., the email has not been opened yet.
  • Email Opened: The user opened the email with an invite to the training course. However, they have not opened the training portal yet.
  • Opened Training: The user opened the email, clicked a training portal link provided in the email, and started the course. 
  • Completed Training: The user finishes the course with a "Completed" or "Failed" status.

Note: Data will not be marked as "submitted" until the target clicks the button to submit their data.


Campaign overview allows you to view basic information: Actions, User Training Log, Live Landing page URL, etc. 


Actions: Actions dropdown allows you to do the following tasks: 

  • You can Recreate the specific campaign. Users can edit the campaign if the campaign has the "Scheduled" status.
  • You can download and print the results as PDFs by clicking the "Generate PDF Report" button.
  • You can also download and print the results as a CSV by clicking the "Generate CSV Report" button.
  • You terminate the ongoing campaign by clicking "Cancel." (Cancel action is unavailable for completed campaigns).
  • Delete will delete the created campaign.

You can generate reports in both CSV and PDF formats. When you do so, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Actions and click on the "Generate CSV/PDF Report" tab.
  2. The downloading process may take some time, and you can view the following loading message on the screen: "Your Report is being generated. It might take a few minutes. You can come back later to download it."


3. Once the report is ready to be downloaded, click "Download."


At the top of the page is an infographics bar that displays the status of all active campaigns. The four graphs above the table convey the average number of actions completed across all campaigns.

Here is an example that provides a brief overview of the fields/status the

report carries for you. Once you open the report, you will find the following sections: No Action, Emails Opened, Opening Training, and Completed Training.


No Action: The course invite emails are sent to 4 recipients; out of 4, 2 recipients opened the email, and 2 have not opened the email. I.e., out of 100%, 50% of users opened the email, and 50% did not take action on the sent email. 

Emails Opened: The course invite emails are sent to 4 recipients; out of 4, 2 recipients opened the emails. I.e., out of 100%, 50% opened the link to check what email carries.

Opened Training:  The course invites emails are sent to 4 recipients; out of 4, 2 recipients clicked the link, opened the email, and one recipient opened the training and started the course. 

Note: Once the recipient opens the training link, the application confirms that the recipient started the training.

Completed Training: The course invite emails are sent to 4 recipients; out of 4, 2 recipients opened the emails, clicked links, started the course, and finished the course on the training website. Out of 100%, only 25% of recipients completed training courses. 

Recreate Functionality

Selecting any campaign from the list would make you visible to the "Recreate" functionality.


Once you click "Recreate," the following modal window opens for you. 






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