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BMS Fusion | Troubleshooting "Invalid Data" error in Fusion app (BMS login)


The iOS version of the Fusion app interrupts the BMS login flow when it is faced with an authentication error with the IT Glue integration. When Single Sign-on is enabled for the account, a user may face the "Invalid Data" error upon login attempt.


You attempted to log onto BMS using the Fusion app via SSO, after providing the correct credentials and you successfully proceeded through the SSO steps. However, you are redirected back to the login screen and get an "Invalid Data" error.


This might be due to an IT Glue integration with an expired authentication token.


  1. Check the active integration for the user account in question under BMS > My profile > Settings > Integration page.

  2. If an IT Glue Integration is present for this account, Disconnect and Reconnect with IT Glue. (Since this setting is controlled at a profile level, no data will be affected.) This will renew a potentially expired OAuth token used in the integration.
  3. Attempt logging into the Fusion app again.

If you have followed the steps above and you are still getting the same error, reach out to our Support team for further assistance.

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