05/26/2022 - Dark Web ID v1.94.00

This release of Dark Web ID is comprised of enhancements and bug fixes. 


  • We have added the "Delete Integration" button to the IT Glue Integration page. This feature allows you to remove or reset the integration. The following modal window appears on the page with a warning message: "You are about to remove this IT Glue Integration. Please confirm integration removal."

Note: This feature is available for the Partner Admin user role.

To do so, follow the instruction here below:

1. Log in to the Dark Web ID portal.

2. Navigate to your right-side hamburger menu from the login page and select "My Organization" under "My Account."

3. On the "IT Glue Integration" page, you can see a new additional tab, "Delete Integration." Once you add integration, you can view the delete integration tab.


4. As soon as you click the delete integration button, the following modal window appears on the screen click "Confirm" to remove the integration.



  • For a better user experience, we have updated the "Export Reporting" Page from list view to calendar view. Log in to the Dark Web ID portal » Open SMB » Reporting » Export Report to check the same.

Here is a quick look for you.


You can do the below actions from the Export Report page

  • You can fetch the specific year(s) data using '<' or '>.'
  • You can export monthly or quarterly reports (Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4). Click the Download link under a specific month(s).


  • Fixed inconsistency in monitoring feature. Now users can add monitored value without error.

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