Compliance Manager GRC - Scripting Local Computer Data Collection for ConnectWise Automate




The instructions below have been kindly provided to Rapidfire Tools support by another of Rapidfire Tools customers that has managed to successfully automate the Local Computer Data Collection for Compliance Manager GRC.


Rapidfire Tools DOES NOT support 3rd Party RMM Tools. This document is to be used as a reference for Connectwise Automate Users that are familiar with ConnectWise Automate scripting.

Note: The resolution in the screen captures pasted into this article are a bit unclear therefore a pdf with better resolution screen captures has been attached. 

ConnectWise Automate - Scripting Local Computer Scan for Compliance Manager GRC


  1. Create an additional field where you could store the Upload ID for each of your clients in ConnectWise Automate. The example below uses a field called Connector ID but you could call it "Upload ID" so that it matches the name in GRC.


  2. Once you've created an additional field you should see that field available for each of your clients (see example below). That field should be populated with the Upload ID associated with that client in the GRC site in Rapidfire Tools Portal.

    Note: To obtain the Upload ID for a site in the portal log into the RFT portal, go into the site you created for the client, and navigate to Compliance Manager GRC > Data Collection > Data Collectors (see below).


  3. Create a new script in ConnectWise Automate using the following settings or copy paste the script below into Connectwise Automate:






    # Remove Compliance Manager directories

    Remove-Item -Path "C:\LocalScanOutput" -force -Recurse

    Remove-Item -Path "C:\LocalDataCollector" -force -Recurse

    Remove-Item -Path "C:\Connector" -force -Recurse


    # Make Compliance Manager Directories

    mkdir "C:\LocalScanOutput"

    mkdir "C:\LocalDataCollector"

    mkdir "C:\Connector"


    # Download latest collector and Connector

    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile "C:\LocalDataCollector\"

    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile "C:\Connector\"


    # Extract files

    Expand-Archive -Path "C:\LocalDataCollector\" -Destinationpath "C:\LocalDataCollector\nddc"

    Expand-Archive -Path "C:\Connector\" -Destinationpath "C:\Connector"


    # Run Lcoal Data Collector


    Start-Process -wait -filepath "C:\LocalDataCollector\nddc\nacmdline.exe" -ArgumentList "-pushtool","-outdir","C:\LocalScanOutput" -PassThru


    Start-Process -wait -filepath "C:\Connector\ndconnector.exe" -ArgumentList "-id","$ConnectorID","-d","C:\LocalScanOutput" -PassThru


    # Remove Compliance Manager directories

    Remove-Item -Path "C:\LocalScanOutput" -force -Recurse

    Remove-Item -Path "C:\LocalDataCollector" -force -Recurse

    Remove-Item -Path "C:\Connector" -force -Recurse




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