Exchange Collector error - No Mailboxes found in the scan result

During the Exchange data collection process for Office 365 you may receive the following error during the scan. 



This error is typically generated for one of the following reasons. 

  1. You are scanning with a User that has MFA enabled. The Network Detective Exchange Data Collector does not support MFA yet
  2. Office 365 is configured with the default Azure AD security settings which blocks Exchange Online Remote PowerShell. 
  3. Make sure user is a Global Administrator.
  4.  For Exchange 2013, ensure that the World Wide Publishing service is running. (required for PS with Exchange)

To address the first issue you can TEMPORARILY disable MFA while you are performing the exchange scan or create a temporary, unlicensed Global Admin without MFA enabled to perform the scan.

To address the second reason for the scan failure follow the steps below.

  1. Log into Office 365 and go to the Admin center. 
  2. From the Help and Support option (see below) type the following search criteria without the quotes - "Diag: Enable Basic Auth in EXO".


    This will bring up the following diagnostic tool. 


  3. Click the Run Tests button and wait for it to finish. At the completion of the test, select the "Exchange Online Remote PowerShell" option from the Protocol to Enable dropdown. Check the acknowledgement of changes and click the Update Settings button. 
    Note: You will have to wait at least an hour to allow the changes to propagate in Office 365. 


Disable Basic Authentication for Exchange Online PowerShell


To disable basic authentication for Exchange Online PowerShell after you have successfully performed your scan please follow the steps below. 




Uncheck the protocol you wish to disable. In this case Exchange Online Powershell.


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