05/05/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.52

This release of BullPhish ID is comprised of several enhancements. 


    • Non-Users of BPID can now download the "Automated" reports. To know how to download the report, follow the steps below:
      • Once the recipient receives the automated report, they should click the downloaded report link.
      • The page will reach to Captcha screen. Provide the Captcha code in the field and click "Download."

    Note: The link will be expired after 31 days and can use only three times. 


  • We have improved filter functionality in the " Target " screen and "Sending Profile" pages. You can now apply multiple filters for the same selection. Check yourself with the following example:
    • Go to "Targets" under "Targets & Groups"
    • Select various filters: "Target Name," "Domain Name," "Email," and "Associated Organization."
    • Click "Enter."


  • We have updated the "Kaseya University" link under the "Help" section. Login to the Bullphish ID » Help » Kaseya University


The following new training courses are now available on BPID Portal: "Dashboard" > "Training Courses"

1. Intro to the UK General Data Protection Regulation


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