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Adding a Password Server Sync Agent

Installing Password Server Agents

Note: We support the following operating systems for this agent.

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012r2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

To install an agent, go to the list of Agents by navigating to Password Server -> Agents and click on the + in the bottom right.


This will start the Password Agent Installation Wizard. The first screen is just an overview of the process for installing the agent. Click on “Let’s Get Started” once you are ready to begin.


Next, you will download the agent installer. You will want to download this to the machine where you will be installing the agent. System requirements are outlined on the page, so confirm that the machine where you will be installing is able to host the agent.


From here, you will install the agent on that machine. Once installed on the server, return to Password Server and click Next.


Give the sync agent a friendly name and click Next.
Note: We recommend naming the agent based on the friendly machine name where it is installed.


The agent is now successfully installed. Click Exit to return to the list.


Searching Agents

If you have enough agents, you can search them from the list of agents. Navigate to Password Server -> Agents and click on the filter menu in the upper right. This will open the filter bar where you can filter by the agent status or enter an agent name, or part of an agent name and filter the list.



Editing Agents

Since the agents are installed on other machines, the only things you can edit from Password Server are the name and status of the agents. To edit, navigate to Password Server -> Agents, find the agent you want to edit, and select Edit from the menu on the right.mceclip1.png

Once you have clicked Edit, the agent information will open on a new screen. Click Edit and update any information and click Save Changes.




Deleting an Agent 

To delete an agent, go to the list of agents by navigating to Password Server -> Agents. You can delete a single record by clicking on the menu to the right of the agent and choosing Delete. You can also delete one or multiple policies by selecting the checkboxes and then choosing Delete Selected from the menu in the top bar.


Deleting an agent will prevent passwords from syncing.

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