05/02/2022 - Dark Web ID v1.92.00

This release of Dark Web ID includes features and bug fixes. 


  • We have introduced the “IT Glue Integration” feature to the application. This feature automates importing organizations and their domains from IT Glue. Now, you can select your organization from the IT Glue integration page. Now you can select your organization from the IT Glue integration page.
    • Note: This feature is available for the Partner Admin user role.

Here is a step-by-step instruction for you:

1. Log In to the Dark Web ID portal.

2. Navigate to your right-side hamburger menu from the login page and select "My Organization" under "My Account."


3. Now, you can see the new additional tab, "IT Glue Integration."

Click the "New Integration" button from the page.


4. As soon as you click the new integration button, the following modal window appears on the screen "Add Integration.” To begin integration, please input the API key & credentials.

Add API Key, Region in the modal window and click "Load Organizations."


Note: If you enter an invalid API Key, the application throws the following error message: "Error Unable to Connect to API. Please check your credentials and region."

5. You will see a list of ITGlue organizations from the following screen.


a. Click Dropdown to view the domains of each organization.

b. Status:

  • You can view the Imported status once the domain gets valid by the application.
  • You can view the Unimported status in the following cases.
    • Cause of Unimported status:
      • There was an error in the Import
      • Domain license limit reached
      • .gov domain was not imported due to licensing issues. Please contact your import manager.
      • Your search includes a sensitive or protected domain or address. Contact support@idagent.com


  • We have fixed some general bug fixes that increase the performance of the Dark Web.
  • We have fixed some security fixes related to the database.

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