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04/07/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.50


  • The following in-app videos are now available on the BullPhish ID portal. 
    • How to download reports 
    • How to Brand Training Portal videos  

To view them, log in to the BullPhish ID portal and navigate to Tutorials from the left corner page of the screen.  



  • We have added the capability to choose a sending profile for ‘automated reporting’ schedules. You can now edit an existing schedule and select a preferred sending profile under Reporting > Automate Report > History tab.


  • The Support Ticket Portal link has been updated under the Guides & FAQ section. Here is the new link for Support Ticket Portal - Kaseya. 
  • When you have no preselected filter, the application displays Language: US- English as default. If the user has some custom filters applied, they would be saved as your default view. This filter functionality applies to Phishing Kits, Training courses, and Sending Domains.  


  • For a better user experience, we have removed the additional input box from the filter field for pages Phishing Kits, Training Courses, Sending Domains, Targets, and Sending Profiles. Now you can enter the search value directly in the filter search box. Log in to the BullPhish ID portal » Phishing Simulation » Phishing Kits to test the changes on this table.  

Here is a quick look for you. 


If you want to fetch phishing kit information using the Kit Title, please follow the instructions:  

  1. Place the cursor in the filter search box
  2. Select the Kit Title filter.
  3. You can directly provide the phishing kit title in the search field without an additional pop-up box: ‘_qwerty.’
  4. Click Apply

You will get the following search result as per your applied filter. 


  • We have redesigned the Target page, and you can see the following changes in a few sections:  
    • Cards have been updated 
    • Redesigned and renamed the Add New Target and Import Targets to +Add Target and Import CSV.  
    • We have enhanced the search box with additional support for filters. 


  • We have added the Domain Name column to the Targets page. 


  • We have redesigned Sending Profile page. Now you can see the following changes: 
    • Removed Sending Profile Type from Create Sending Profile modal window. 




  • Fixed an issue where the campaign creation page sometimes gets reset due to missing fields. Now the error message would be displayed along with retaining the existing values. This fix applies to both Phishing Simulation and Training & Awareness modules. 
  • We would now be removing expired data from BullPhish ID cookies. When users log in to the BPID portal and close/ re-open the browser, they can no longer log in to the previous session. The application will clear the browser cache of any old information stored.  


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