03/31/2022 - Dark Web ID v1.90.00

This release of Dark Web ID includes a new feature.


We feel privileged to inform you that we have introduced Automate feature to the Reporting module. Reports are now automated, meaning monthly, and quarterly campaign reports will be scheduled and delivered to the specific recipient(s) end-users inboxes via email when a report gets generated. This article provides insightful information about automated reports.

Follow the below instruction to know how to use automated reporting:

  1. Log in to the Dark Web ID portal.
  2. Navigate to the Organization’s menu under the Home.
  3. Select the SMB organization from the section.


          4. Search and select an SMB organization from the list. Please note that you should choose only one SMB at a time.


              5. Go to Reporting section and select Automate.


Note: A Partner Admin/Partner Agent/SMB privileged user can set up automated reports. And each user who has a subscription to the Automatic Report page.

  1. Recipient(s): Select Recipient(s) from the report automation section. Provide email(s) of the recipient(s) in the section where you want to send reports automatically. Once you enter the email recipient, it will get highlighted, as shown in the screenshot. The report will be automatically forwarded to the selected recipient(s)) as soon as the report gets generated.


  1. Provide the Subject and Body description in the section box.
  2. Select Report Type. Here you can select one or more reports that you want to automate; based on your priority, you can choose either Monthly Business Report, Quarterly Business Report, or both.
  3. Click Save, which will successfully set up the changes.


   10. Once you click the Save button, a pop-up window appears on the screen saying, “Automation Saved.”

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