Exporting in the IT Glue API

For partners subscribed to the current Enterprise plan.

The exports feature in the IT Glue API will allow you to export account data in your IT Glue account. You can first enable automated recurring account exports to maintain regular backups of your data in the event of IT Glue being unavailable.

Before you begin, please visit Getting started with the IT Glue API to learn how to communicate with our API. The documentation there will explain how to generate an API key and provide examples of how to make API requests. Once you have made a successful connection with the API, you may then use our specific exports endpoints documented in our developer docs.

You may also use our complimentary PowerShell backup script located on GitHub to download an export. Please be advised that this script does not come with any warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness.

Note: We recommended encrypting (EG: Enable the "password required" checkbox) for your automated recurring account export. We also recommend requesting your exports using the zip password option via the API.

With the new API endpoint you can manage your account data as follows:

  • Export automatically with a recent backup.
  • Pull and store the account data on your server based on what you identify to be necessary for your organization.
  • Configure your own cadence for acquiring backups to a target server.

Once you have an IT Glue export on your server, you can then use a method of your choosing to send the data to a remote backup system or vendor. For example, you could use desktop backup agents to upload the export zip elsewhere.



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