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During some scenarios, the billable items are not visible for billing review. This guide outlines the possible explanation and solution.


The following can be the reasons:

  • If the items are posted for a future month, they will not show under Billing Review but will show under Billing folder.
  • If the items are posted with a value of $0, you should use the filter "Bill Zero Value Items" in Search to find them.
  • Check contract history and see if value of items were changed from $xxx amount to $0 amount.


  1. Use Bill Zero Value Items in Search to find all zero value items.
  2. Select all of them and unpost them.
  3. Go to Billing Review. (Do not use Billing Automation if all the prices are zero.).
  4. Fix the price for each item.
  5. Post them manually and generate invoices.

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