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The Administrative Work page creates tasks used to track time against company activities not associated with projects or tickets. Typically, Administrative Work tasks are non-billable operational time spent. Once created, tasks are available on employee timesheets to classify time entries and reportable in the Reports module. Examples include meetings, training, holidays, sick days, vacation, jury duty, etc.

To configure this admin function, refer to this KB article: Getting Started: Admin > My Company - Part 2.

Behind the scene, Administrative Work is a project named Administration Work with the project number AdminWork_00000000. The project is not visible in the Projects module, but there are time tracking entries against the appropriate administrative tasks.

Best Practices

  • Task status on administrative tasks should always be set to Open. They are using the default statuses for project tasks and are for informational purposes only.
  • If you are creating project-related reports, filter out the Project Name = Administration Work or Project Number = AdminWork_00000000. If you do not filter out the project, it will be included in the reports as shown in the below example:
  • Be sure to set Worktype to Non-Billable Labor Hours or any Non-Billable worktype. This will prevent these hours from being shown in Finance module > Billing Review > Labor Hours. If no worktype is selected, you will see these time entries as shown here:

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For adding time entries, see section Home > My Timesheets in Exploring Home page in PSA.

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