03/24/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.48

This release of BullPhish ID comprises new enhancements and bug fixes. 


  • We have created a new Whitelisting guide for Barracuda. It is available in the BullPhish ID portal under the Guides & FAQ section and also in Zendesk under Whitelisting section. 
  • We have created a new Whitelisting guide for Mimecast. It is available in the BullPhish ID portal under the Guides & FAQ section and also in Zendesk under Whitelisting section. 


  • Customize columns: You can customize the table columns from Customize Columns modal window. This feature is applicable for both Phishing Kits and the Training Courses page. To check the same, follow the steps: 
  1. Log in to the Bullphish ID portal and go to the Phishing Kits page.
  2. blobid0.pngClick the Customize column icon.  


3. A pop-up modal window appears with the available columns on the screen. Select columns that you want to show on the table. 

4. Click Apply. 

     Note: You can view all columns on the table by default. 

               You can show/hide columns using checkboxes. 

               You can drag and drop the columns list by placing the cursor on the list. 

              Once you apply changes, it will save permanently for you until you wish to change again. Click Restore Defaults to go back to the default settings.


  • We have added Multilanguage functionality to the Language filter. Go to Training Courses, select Language from filters, checkbox multiple languages on your wish, and click Apply to check the changes 


  • We removed the Active Domains file under the Guides & FAQ section because Microsoft has removed limitations on allowed domains. 


  • We have redesigned the Phishing Kits page. You can see the following changes in the following areas: Table view, added Filter by an organization, added new Language. 

      Log in to the BullPhish ID portal » Phishing Simulation » Phishing Kits to view the changes. 


You can sort the phishing kits by applying the following filters: Kit Title, Associated Organization, Only hot, Language, Modified, Status.  

For Example: If you want to fetch phishing kit information using the Kit Title, please follow the instructions:  

  1. Place the cursor in the filter search box
  2. Select the Kit Title filter.
  3. A Kit title pop-up column opens on the screen when you do so: Provide the phishing kit title in the field as shown, for example: ‘_ololosend.’
  4. Click Apply


You will get the following search result as per your applied filter. 


  • For better user experience, we have applied one-click functionality to the ‘Hot Fix’ filter (Only hot). Once you click the hotfix filter, the page fetches the desired information without additional clicks/steps. This feature is applicable for both Phishing and Training Pages. 





  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Training Campaign Report title information was incorrectly displayed on the portal.   
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Training Course Expiration’ field data shows incorrectly. When a user edits the Training Course Expiration field under Edit Training & Awareness Campaign page, the  Campaign Close Date gets updated along with the Training Course Expiration field displayed data/date. 
  • Fixed Course Invite Email Template notification errors to the user-readable messages. 


The following training courses are now available under Training courses on BullPhish ID portal.

1. Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) introduction is now live.



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