Assigning and importing checklist templates to organizations

You can assign checklist templates to specific or all organizations. You can also automatically generate checklists inside of organizations via the checklist templates page. Back at an organization in the checklist list view, you can generate checklists from your predefined checklists templates.


  1. Navigate to Account > Checklist Templates.
  2. Select the checkboxes next to the checklist templates you want to assign. 
  3. Click the arrow on the "Select All" button to access bulk actions.


  4. Click Assign


  5. In the Assign Templates dialog box, you may select any of the following options
    • Assign to All Organizations - Assigns the checklist templates to all organizations.
    • Assign to Specific Organizations - Assigns the checklist templates to the organizations you specify.


  6. Search and select one or multiple organizations. Your current organization is selected by default.
    Note: Click on the “X" on the side of the organization name to remove the currently selected organization.
  7. (Optional) Under the Import Checklists to Organizations section, you may select Automatically create checklists in your specified organizations. This feature will generate a checklist using the preselected checklist templates inside the specified organizations.
  8. Click Apply.

Import checklist templates to create checklists

You can generate checklists from your predefined checklists templates at the organization level.

  1. Navigate to the relevant organization and click Checklists from the sidebar.
  2. Click Import.
  3. In the Import Template dialog box, search and select one or multiple checklist templates.


  4. Click Apply.

    Note: The dialog box search lists all checklist templates pertaining to the organization which are defined by the “Assign” functionality in the Account > Checklist Templates page.



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