Release Notes - V1.107.8 - 2022-02-28

New Features

Auto-Sync Microsoft 365 Contacts to BMS - For more information, see our KB link.

IT Glue and myITprocess Integration - For more information, see our KB link.

Microsoft 365 Integration Update - For more information, see our KB link

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a bug in the Document list view page when an imported root folder that had the same name as the child folder of an existing root folder was recognized as the child folder.
  • Accessing API keys page from the account settings no longer displays error.
  • Fixed an issue when a password stored in Vault could not be reverted to an older version.
  • Fixed an issue when the password report exported all rows instead of exporting only the visible filtered rows.
  • Fixed a bug where a group could not be assigned to the user when there were no organizations associated with the Group.
  • The KB link in the footer is now updated to point to the new KB portal.
  • Fixed an issue when an invitation to additional ITG account in the EU/ AU email link pointed to NA instance.
  • Fixed an issue found when editing configuration where the model dropdown failed to open for users with Editor or Creator role.


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