03/10/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.47

This release of BullPhish ID comprises enhancements and bug fixes.


  • We have updated the latest version of the programming language in the application to provide better quality in performance and security.  


  • To change the look and feel of the portal, we have added the Hover effect to the Left Navigation Bar.
  • We have redesigned the Training Courses page. You can see the following changes in the following areas: Table view, Added Filter by an organization, Added new Language column. Log in to the BullPhish ID portal » Training & Awareness » Training Courses to view the changes. blobid0.png

You can sort the training courses by applying the following filters: Course Title, Associated Organization, Only hot, and Language.

For example, please follow the instructions if you want to fetch training course information using the Course Title.

1. Place the cursor in the filter search box

2. Select the Course Title filter.

3. When you do so, a course title pop-up column opens on the screen: Provide the training course title in the field, such as 'A Training Video.'

4. Click Apply


You will get the following result as per your filter search.



  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the data was wrongly displayed on the Export Report page due to time zone changes.
  • Several API responses have been removed for the additional Targets and Groups Module.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes several same campaigns were created when the user clicked on the Create” button under Phishing Simulation > Create Phishing Campaign module.


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