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All modules have a dashboard to display important data. The dashboard gives a bird's eye view of activities for a given period. The Home, Reports, HR and Admin Dashboard track important events and activities, not necessarily identified as a ticket, project or CRM activity. The dashboards of other modules, in addition to their unique widgets, include the administrative widgets as shown below with the exception of the new Service Desk Dashboard.

To access the Admin dashboard, do the following:

Navigate to Admin module from the top bar. The default page that you see with the widgets is the Admin dashboard.

Using Widgets

My To-Do List

This is a widget to set reminders. 

  1. For example, "Develop marketing flyer for John."
  2. Enter text, click the calendar and set the date, or simply enter the word tomorrow.
  3. Press Enter key on your keyboard when in the date field to add the entry.

You can also create To Dos via a ticket. When you create a To-Do for a ticket, the To Do will show the note and the ticket number along with a link. You can click the link (the blue button with the number) to access the ticket immediately. To mark all To-Do’s as completed at once, click on Mark all as done. To mark an individual To-Do as completed, click the check box next to the To-Do you want completed.


When a To-Do is marked as completed, it will then move to the Already Done Tab.


  • To delete the completed To-Do click on the red delete button on the far right.
  • When a To-Do was completed in error, click the redo button on the far right. This will move the To-Do back to the My To-Do Active list.

My Notes

This is a small widget to add thoughts or ideas that you do not want to forget during the day.


To delete the notes, highlight the text and click Delete or Backspace in your keyboard.


This widget displays company news created by a system administrator from the Admin module. The admin can decide what modules' dashboards can display this news. For more information on how to set up company news, see KB article: Getting Started: Admin > My Company - Part 2.

Message Board

The Message Board widget appears only when a specific message type has been created by the administrator. In all other cases, only the News widget will be displayed.




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