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My Settings is a small section in your profile that contains certain options that are provided under your user account (profile) to customize your PSA instance. You can see this section as soon as you log in. Follow this guide to explore the different options provided under My Settings of your user account when you are logged into your PSA.

You can change these settings anytime. However, your user account settings can affect what you see and do in your PSA instance. Your name and photo are used to associate actions found throughout the application.

Editing Your Profile

  1. Log into your PSA account.
  2. Click on your Name in the upper right-hand corner and select My Settings.
    The My Profile Page opens. You can modify your profile settings here.

Updating Your Picture

  1. You can upload your photo by clicking Select Photo. After you upload your photo, PSA will show your name and photo whenever you perform any activity. It provides a way to personally connect.
  2. Find your photo and click Open. Max size of picture allowed is 500 KB. The acceptable formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .gif.
  3. Click Save Changes. The next time you log into the application your picture will show next to your name in the upper right-hand corner and throughout the tool.

Tabs and their Uses

There are five tabs to the right-hand side of the photo section that you can update. Click each tab to make any changes. After you enter data or after you have made changes, click Save Changes for the changes to go into effect.

Personal Information Tab


Enter or modify the following information as the case may be.

  1. User Name: This can be modified. Once you save, you can use this the next time you login.
  2. E-mail: Enter your official email ID.
  3. First Name: Enter your first name.
  4. Middle Name: Enter your middle name.
  5. Last Name: Enter your last name.
  6. Birth Date: Select your date of birth from the calendar.
  7. Marital Status: Select your marital status from the dropdown.
  8. Gender: Select your gender from the dropdown.
  9. Enable MFA: This is where you enable MFA for your user login if not set at the administrative level. This is recommended for all users for greater security. Click Enable MFA and follow instructions as outlined in this KB article: Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication in BMS.
  10. Click Save Changes.

Contact Information Tab


This can be optionally left blank. This tab is used only for HR purposes.

  1. In the Main Address tab, do the following:
    • Address 1: Enter building name or building number.
    • Address 2: Enter street name or road name.
    • City: Enter the name of the city.
    • State: Enter the name of the state.
    • Zip Code: Enter the appropriate zip code.
    • Country: Select the country from the dropdown.
    • Phone: Enter your official phone number.
    • Ext: Enter the extension of your official phone number if you have any.
    • Fax: Enter your fax number.
    • Mobile: Enter your mobile number.
    • Email: Enter your official email ID.
  2. In the Secondary Contact tab, do the following:
    • For each field, refer the descriptions in the Main Address tab but the information should be that of secondary contact.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Change Password Tab


You can change your password here. 

  1. Old Password: Enter your old password.
  2. New Password: Enter a new password.
  3. Confirm New Password: Re-enter the new password to confirm.
  4. Click Change Password for changes to go into effect the next time you login. The password policy will apply to users changing passwords under profile > My Settings > Change Password.

Preferences Tab


You can set certain default options in Preferences tab.

  1. Default Landing Page: This is the page displayed when you log in. By default, it is set to the Home module.
  2. Default Tickets Listing Click Behavior: Select an option from the dropdown. This will determine how a ticket opens from a list page. This is applicable for the Legacy ticket view only.
  3. Service Desk Experience: Select one of the views from the dropdown. This will determine how tickets are listed in the Service Desk module. Refer to this KB for more details on the New View - New Service Desk Experience.
  4. Theme: Select either Default or Classic. Default uses our standard lighter colors. Classic uses primarily black in support of future Dark Mode.

Integrations Tab


Integrations are activated by your system administrator. They will show here if they are enabled in this tab. You can disconnect to use a different login in this tab.

The two integrations in this example are:

  • IT Glue
  • VSA Live Connect

Click Save Changes button (underneath your profile picture) when you are done for changes to take effect.

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