February 24, 2022

The February 24, 2022 release includes enhancements and fixes described in the topics below:

Integration - Antivirus

Added a new button - "Pull Customers" to all antivirus integrations.  Once an antivirus is integrated and initially synced, the button will appear.  When clicked, this will pull any new customers that were added to the antivirus system after the initial sync.


In each app, under some circumstances, administrators could not successful delete events by using the Action dropdown button.  This issue has been resolved with a new function called "archive".  This will enable the administrator to remove the event from the GUI, but will save the event so that a) The audit record will be preserved for compliance purposes and b) SOC analysts will have access to the event when investigating an incident.

Incidents - PSA Tickets

Under some circumstances, if a RocketCyber incident was created and it was from an O365 app, a ticket may not be created in Connectwise, Autotask or Synchro PSA.  This release resolves this issue so PSA tickets are created for all RocketCyber incidents.

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