BMS Integration

The integration with BMS allows you to create tickets in your Professional Services Administration tool.

Please note: Our integration requires the MFA to be disabled. Once you are logged in on your BMS Account, disabling MFA is a simple process:

  • Click on "Admin" on the top navigation tab
  • On the Options tab located on the left side of the screen, select "My Company" then click on "Auth & Provision"
  • Under "Require MFA for non-SSO users" check the "no" option, and make sure you save the changes.

We suggest you create a new API user and allow their security role to be set to at least Service Desk Manager.

To create a new user, log in to your BMS account and go to HR > Employees, and click the New(N) button. Be sure to select API Employee as the User Type.

For more information on BMS API Integration, please visit the BMS Knowledge Base.

Tickets can be created in one of two ways. First, you can create tickets for the review in its entirety. This is a method used to track the total time a review was open. Next, you can create a ticket for individual questions from within the review. These tickets can be sent to a dedicated board with the benefit of someone in centralized services or the support desk remediating that issue.

Login to myITprocess and go to your account (avatar) menu, select Organization settings,  click the Integrations tab, and click Add connection:

Select BMS and then click the Next button:

Provide the following information:

Domain name Select the appropriate URL
Username Your BMS username for your account
Password Enter your BMS account password
Company The company name as it appears from your BMS account


After you enter your information click the Connect button and then begin mapping your clients in myITprocess (left column) to those in your BMS account (right column).

Note: When adding a new client, you can associate them with your BMS client at that time. 

Please note: When creating a ticket from an alignment question, the summary field for that new ticket defaults to the question text. Also, BMS limits the character count to 100.

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