What is the Standards Library?

The Standards Library is a repository for technology best practices. Questions listed here guide the Technology Alignment Manager (TAM) and Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) towards customer alignment. Sections, Categories, and Questions define the hierarchy of this library. These can be edited, rearranged, or removed at will. Note: this is the master list and anything edited in the default standards library will carry over when you create new reviews.

The organizational structure of best practices starts with sections at the highest level. Then, it drills down to categories that contain questions:

  • Questions are specific yes/no best practices assigned to a given category. Every question's wording should align with a standard or best practice to increase efficiency for the TAM. A ‘yes’ needs to indicate standard alignment while a ‘no’ requires remediation
  • Categories group questions together; for example, a category named Wireless would contain questions about WPA2, AES, and password strength
  • Sections are the highest level and used to group categories. For example, a section labeled Core Infrastructure may contain categories such as Wireless, Cabling, Firewall, and Network Switches

The standards library also has individual client templates that can be manipulated at the section and category level to suit the client’s needs. Each client has their own template based on the selected best practices a Technology Success Provider (TSP) wants to offer. The sections, categories, and questions may be identical to the standards library but items can be added and subtracted as necessary. You can add and subtract sections and categories for individual clients but CANNOT add and subtract individual questions. (The reason behind this is to encourage standardization- all clients should have your Chocolate Cake, and while every client may not have a print server, every client who does should have the same print server equipment.) Changes in a client template will not affect the standards library, only that individual client.

See the article on the Standards Library for more information.

Standards Library Training

Please note: Menu options and the look and feel have changed however, functionality remains the same. An updated video will be released soon

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