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myITprocess API


myITprocess has a REST API which is documented using Swagger. On the SwaggerUI, you can view all the endpoints we make available.

Please note: The API call limit is 50 requests per minute per IT Provider.


For valid authentication

  • Log in to myITprocess
  • Navigate to Account menu > Account settings > API keys tab
  • Click the Add API key button
  • Provide a name for your API key
  • Click the Generate button
  • Make a note of the API key's name and copy the API key

As mentioned in the introduction of the article, our available API endpoints are managed on the SwaggerUI and kept up to date. Additionally, SwaggerUI offers the ability to sample API Code and preview its interaction, right from the browser. 
Instructions on the use of SwaggerUI are presented below.

Authorize your requests

To get started, navigate to, you will have to authorize your session by clicking the Authorize button.

And fill in the user details in the Authorization modal pictured below:

    1. Click the Expand operation chevron to the right of the endpoint's name
    2. Swagger will then present a list of possible parameters and responses for each endpoint
      For each response, SwaggerUI will present its code,  description, links (if any), and an example value

To preview the code execution from the browser, select the option Try it out > Execute.
A Response will be shown containing a Curl, Request URL, and the Server Response, which in its turn presents the response's Code and Detail

Note: After archiving findings, the relationship between finding and recommendation is removed and these findings will no longer show in the API.

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