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Show/Hide Sections and Categories on a Client Template

There are two ways to show or hide Sections and Categories on the Client Template.

You can add Sections and Categories from the Standards Library. First, click on the Section or Category you want to add or remove and a detail panel will slide over from the right. Click on 3 vertical dots in the top left-hand corner of the panel and choose edit Section/Category.

Once on the edit panel, you can see the number of clients that have this Section/Category shown on their client template. If you click it you can check or uncheck clients to show or hide the item from their templates. After you selections are made, click the back arrow in the top left-hand corner of the panel and click the Save button. 

Standards Library Show/Hide a Section or Category

You can also show or hide Standards on a client-by-client basis. Select the client from the client selection box in the top left of the Standards Library. Once in the client template hover your mouse over a Section or Category and an Exclude command will appear on the far right of the row. Click Exclude to remove the Section or category from the client template.

To view all excluded standards for a client click the filter icon toward the top right-hand corner and choose Show excluded. The excluded standards will show as grayed out and can be added to a template by hovering your mouse over the row and selecting include on the far right.

Client Template: Excluding and Including a Section or Category

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