Adding a Recommendation

This article details the process of adding recommendations and describes some of its features.

Recommendations are the building blocks of a strategic plan. Unlike Initiatives, recommendations are assigned to a quarter and have a narrower span of time when that item should be implemented. To create a recommendation, click the plus sign at the top of any quarter.

Add Recommendation


Add Recommendation - details


Note: You can create a new recommendation or choose from a prefabricated template.

Tip: You can add recommendations as more of a placeholder with the Add to recommendation backlog feature.

Note: The term 'Clients' are now referred to as 'Organizations' throughout the software.

When the project work related to the recommendation has been completed, change the status of that recommendation to Complete. This will shade the recommendation green and act as a visual cue for your completed work.

Add Recommendation Give the recommendation a unique title
Initiative Choose under which initiative the recommendation will be nested. New initiatives may be created from this menu
Type Allows for the assignment as a project, strategic goal, and so on
Description A detailed description of the recommendation
Add to recommendation backlog Create recommendations as a placeholder without assigning them to a specific quarter
Budget Month The month with the quarter you selected a client should expect an expenditure for a project
Budget Estimated cost of the project
Hours Estimated time to complete this project
Responsible party Indicates whether you, the customer or a third party is handling the next steps
Status Select the feedback status for the recommendation
Priority The overall priority of this project compared to others: High, Medium, or Low

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