Autotask v 1.6

This article will guide you through setting up the AutoTask integrator.

The integration with Autotask allows you to create tickets in your PSA tool in one of two ways. First, you can create tickets for the review in its entirety a method used to track the total time a review was open. Next, you can create a ticket for individual questions from within the review. These tickets can be sent to a dedicated queue.

myITprocess supports Autotask's v1.6 to accommodate a tracking identifier for that API user. Please make sure to have that tracking identifier for the integration.

  1. Go to Menu > Admin > Resources (users). Click the New button and select New API User. Provide all necessary details paying attention to the Security Level and the API Tracking Identifier. You'll use this information and enter it into myITprocess.
  2. After creating the user (or noting the tracking identifier) go to your account (avatar) menu and select Account settings and select the Integrations tab.
  3. Once you validate your PSA credentials you need to select the queue to which tickets created in myITprocess will be sent.
    Connect your PSA.png
  4. After integration is set up, select Setup Organizations tab from the left side panel and associate clients in myITprocess with those in your Autotask by selecting corresponding one from the dropdown menu.

Note: You must add your clients into myITprocess first and add their client template before you can associate them with your clients in AutoTask.


PSA Use the drop-down menu to select AutoTask
Login ID Use the Username you created when setting up the integrator user within Autotask
Password Use the password you created when setting up the integrator user within Autotask
Tracking Identifier Tracking identifiers are assigned or self-generated on the Security tab of the API-only user's Resource Management page when adding a new API-only user, or editing an API-only user that does not yet have an identifier assigned
Queue This is available once your information is saved and the credentials are confirmed. This allows you to set the default Queue where tickets will be created


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