Alignment Report

Our Alignment Report provides your clients with insight as to how your technology alignment process is uncovering risks in their environment.

Go to Reports > Alignment Report

  • On the right-hand panel select the client for whom you want to generate a report
  • Select the date from which you want to show data
  • Select applicable sections and/or categories you want to report on. Keep in mind myITprocess pulls any active category for that client and then examines the last time that category was completed by the vCIO. In other words, the vCIO must click Submit on their review. This means that if a category was reviewed 6, 12, or 18 months ago and it hasn't been reviewed more recently, that data will be pulled into this report
  • You have the option to include or exclude several options. Please note that both Internal use and Hidden itemsĀ are not selected by default
  • Scroll to make sure you have all appropriate options selected and then click the Build button to preview your report in the main window
  • The Alignment Report can be either printed or downloaded as a PDF

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