The Engineer Review

This article covers the first step in the assessment process known as the Engineer review.

Each review is divided up into two steps. First, an engineer answers the technical questions contained within the client template in a yes/no fashion. They'll determine if the technology is in alignment with your best practices (as defined in your standards library). Next, a vCIO considers the response from the engineer and determines the business impact on the client. 

The engineer determines if the technology is in alignment with your best practice (as defined in your standards library) and then the vCIO determines the effect of being in or out of alignment.  If the client is out of alignment then the vCIO can make a recommendation.

To Begin a Review

  1. Go to Alignment on the menu bar. 
  2. Hover over a review in the list and you will see it become highlighted. Click anywhere on the review to begin answering questions

PSA Ticket Creation

There are 2 places to create & view tickets in your reviews The Review Menu and Question details:

  • Review Menu - Useful for looking at all of the tickets created for the review and created from questions within it. You can also create review tickets from this menu
  • Questions Details - Create and view tickets from the selected question which prepopulates the ticket summary with the specific question

Create/View Tickets via Review Menu

Create/View Tickets via Question Details

Question Details Menu 

Why are we asking - Reasoning you asking this question to begin with

How to find the answer - Standard operating procedures an engineer may need to follow in order to find out how to answer a particular question

Note:  The Why are we asking and How to find the answer areas are both edited in your Standards Library - See here for more information 

Tickets - Shows if any PSA tickets have been created. You can add a new ticket here as well

Additional Information

History - Displays the number of times this question appeared on a review for this client

Attachments - Additional supporting documentation you choose to add thatcan reinforce the severity of a question if it’s out of alignment. Note: There is a 1MB file size limit and we allow PNG, JPEG, Word (doc, docx) and TXT. Please note: file names cannot contain any symbols.

Private notes are messages that can be viewed inside of a review. Note that attachments and Private notes do not appear on any reporting

Please note: The menus and look and feel have been updated from what is in the following video. The functionality and process remain the same. A new video will be updated soon.

Review Process Training - Technology Alignment

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