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This article outlines the functionality of the Add review page.

To create a new review for a client go to Alignment on the menu bar. Click the Create review button toward the top right-hand corner of the page.


On the first step, enter review details and if you have our integration with either ConnectWise or Autotask, you can opt to create a ticket for this review in its entirety.



Below are descriptions for each field:

Client (Required) Choose a client for whom you want to create a review
Review Title (Required) What is the purpose of this review? For example, Q2 review, Security Evaluation, and so on
Engineer & vCIO (Required) Which users should complete these portions of the review? Note: If you have set a default Engineer & vCIO for the client this field will auto-populate
Engineer & vCIO Due Date (Optional) By what date should that portion of the review be completed?
Setup PSA client (Optional) Click this link to associate your client in your PSA to your client in the software. Note: You may need to enter the appropriate credentials
Create ticket in (Connectwise or Autotask) (Optional) If PSA integration is set up for this client you can create a ticket for this review by checking this box


Once all of the required fields are filled out click Next.

Next, you will select which standards from this client's template you would like included in the review. If a client has overdue items those will appear at the top under the client's name. You can choose to either dismiss those overdue items and select sections and categories manually or you can have myITprocess populate the review with those standards by clicking Select All.

In the three vertical dots, you will see the ability to expand or collapse all sections to reveal your categories.

Clicking the filters symbol lets you filter down the questions by 3 criteria; Tags, Overdue & Upcoming, and current score. As you begin to select your sections and/or categories to be included you will see a running total of the number of categories and questions you will be reviewing.

Note: A checkmark appears next to the section or category you wish to review, however, if you select specific categories and not the entire section, a blue box will appear instead of a checkmark indicating that not all of your categories will be reviewed

You can select as many filters, sections, and categories as you like and once everything is selected, click Create. On the following screen you the most recent review listed at the top with the client's name, the title of the review, the assigned resources, and their due dates.




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