How Do I handle Clients with Multiple Servers, Firewalls or Clients with Multiple Sites?


My client has multiple sites or multiple servers, file servers, and firewalls. I want them all to be reviewed to the same standard but I want to give them individual names or names tied to their location. I can't have multiple client templates for each site, so how do I accomplish this?


In the Standards Library, each client can have its categories copied (and all of the questions nested under that category) on its client template. After you create a copy you'll be able to provide a specific individual name to that category.

  1. Select Standards from the menu bar.
  2. In the top left click the drop-down box labeled Standards library and select the client you wish to copy items for.
  3. Once you locate the category you want to copy, click this icon with the + symbol.
  4. Once the item is copied click the pencil icon to the Right of the category name to add a unique description to the category

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