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IT Glue: Search in Reviews & Client Templates

The integration with IT Glue has deepened with the ability to search for configurations in both the review process as well as in the Client Template.

Client Template

Searching for IT Glue integrations in the client template allows you to assign assets (configurations, currently) to specific client template questions. These linked items will then be available during reviews.

Please note: The client in myITprocess must be associated with a client in your IT Glue.

To link a client template question to an IT Glue configuration:

On the top menu bar click Standards. Then, click the drop-down menu for Standards Library and select your client. Or, on the menu bar, click Clients, click that client’s name then click the View Client Standards link.

Navigate to a question you wish you link to a configuration.

In the panel click the Link IT Glue assets link.

Click the drop-down list and select the appropriate configuration.

Please note: You must click the link icon. You will see the configuration appear in the Linked IT Glue assets panel.

When you go to create a new review for this client, the category in which that question is associated appears on that review, you will be able to see that linked information by clicking the IT Glue icon which will show a number badge.


The IT Glue Search function from within a review allows you to associate specific questions in a review to a configuration. This link is also backward compatible in that the linked item will now appear for this same question for this client on future reviews.

Please note: The client in myITprocess must be associated with a client in your IT Glue. Reviews must be in progress in order to link IT Glue configurations.

To create this link, open an active review and navigate to a question.

Click the IT Glue link near the three vertical dots.

Select the configuration from the drop-down list and click the link icon.




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