Meeting Presentation

This article explains the Meeting Presentation Mode.

A meeting is ready for presentation once completed in the roadmap. The presentation feature arranges recommendations into a slideshow format. The benefit of presentation mode is a clean, responsive look at recommendations, budget, and timeline.

To begin a meeting presentation:

  1. Click the menu in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Click on the desired meeting under Upcoming meetings.
  3. Under Meeting presentation, click Start Presentation.

Tip: To present a meeting full screen, press F11 in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The first page of the presentation is the Meeting Agenda. The information displayed is the title, description, and a list of recommendations on the agenda. There are two methods of navigating the presentation:

  1. Click the arrow on the side of the page to proceed in the predetermined order.
  2. Click a specific recommendation for a direct link to that page.

During the presentation mode, the recommendation is shown with its initiative, the title of the recommendation, and any description if you entered one.

To the upper-right is the View Initiative Findings link which will show you the topic of the review question, the date of the review, the review title, and its risk level, typically, marginal or vulnerable. You'll also see the View Linked Configurations link which shows details about an expired IT Glue configuration you associated with this recommendation.

Click Back to recommendation to resume your presentation. The title and description are at the top of the page along with the priority, type, hours, and date. Presentation mode features the recording of a client’s decision and a text area for feedback. Accepted and rejected are the default choices under Client decision; clicking the three vertical dots grants access to more options (On Hold, In Progress, Completed).

Using the three dots menu, reassigning a recommendation to another Quarter is easy. Clicking the menu and selecting Change quarter will display a dropbox under Client feedback. Altering the quarter will update the Strategic Roadmap at the conclusion of the presentation.

The final screen in the presentation is the meeting recap, which will list all of the recommendations again along with the client decisions that were recorded during the meeting. The accepted budget is listed underneath the agenda recap and adds the dollar amounts of all of the Accepted items that were accepted during that meeting. Click end presentation to close out the meeting.

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