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Menu items for your account subscription, your users, and your integrations can be found here.

My account: The user's email that is currently logged in

Email preferences: System email notifications in two ways. First, a user can be emailed when a new review has been assigned to them. Second, if a review has been started and the user to whom that review is assigned doesn't make edits in 2 weeks, they'll receive an email alerting them.

Change password is where a user can update their password. If a user doesn't want to change their password at that time, click the back arrow in your browser to be taken to the Home screen.

Organization: Lists the company's name

Users: Add, update, reactivate or deactivate resources in your organization

Account settings: Find details on your subscription, integrations, and two-factor authentication. Click here for more information.

Subscription: Details on your current subscription and, number of clients you can manage



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