Roadmap Report

This article will go over how to generate a timeline report from your Strategic Roadmap.

The Strategic Timeline report will allow you to give a client a four-quarter view of their roadmap. To generate this report click the menu icon in the top right-hand corner and under Strategy Tools choose Build Report.

Build Report


When creating this report choose the year and quarter from which you want the report to begin. The report will show data for a total of 4 quarters beginning with the Start on quarter.

Next, select which recommendations should be displayed on the report based on their current status. There is an option to include the recommendations table, a breakdown of each recommendation, its status, budget, and budget date, and a column showing the estimated hours from your recommendations. When finished click build report and a PDF will be generated.

Tip: Clients sometimes want to see 24 or even 36-month roadmaps. To accomplish this, build 2 or 3 separate reports, one for each year.

Sample report

Optional Recommendations Table

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