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Getting Started: myITprocess Setup & Training
Setting up myITprocess
Watch the myITprocess Quick Start Training


 myITprocess Training Lessons

 Length in Minutes

 Strategic Roadmap Training


 Initiatives and Recommendations in the vCIO Role (Podcast)



 Required Video Content

 Length in Minutes

 The vCIO Role


 The Essence of vCIO



 Required Action Items


 Create initiatives and recommendations to begin building out a Strategic Roadmap for one client

 Strategic Roadmaps

 Create a client meeting

 Creating a Meeting

 Go through the presentation mode
 for that meeting

 Meeting Presentation

 Read through the vCIO Standards Manual

 Virtual CIO Standards and Training Manual


Other helpful links

myITprocess Documentation - Our Strategic Roadmap knowledge base articles

Strategic Roadmap - Specific links pertaining to the strategy feature

Tips to Simplify your vCIO Process - Community Meeting (Recording)


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