Strategy Profile

This article covers the functions of the Strategy Profile.

The Strategy Profile is where you adjust details for consideration while developing a client’s roadmap. There are three functions: Start of fiscal year, Meeting frequency, and Fiscal year-end.

Start of fiscal year

This field allows you to set the start of a client's fiscal year. Changing the effective date will change all dates in the Quarterly Columns. Editing this option will alter the budget month for existing recommendations.

Meeting Frequency

The meeting frequency field is informational only and does not impact other areas of the software. This option is an example of how frequently you would like to have vCIO meetings with this client. It is a tracking feature and does not have an effect on the roadmap or recommendations.

Fiscal year-end

Checking this option will identify your preferred year-end. When combined with a different start of the fiscal year, myITprocess will adjust the quarters automatically to coincide with either the traditional start of your fiscal year or your fiscal year-end.


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