Strategy Filters

This article focuses on filters within the Strategic Roadmap.

Filters offer the flexibility to focus on information found throughout the Strategic Roadmap. This feature is useful when many initiatives and recommendations exist at any given time. To begin, click on Menu, then Filter under More Options.

There are 3 filters available for use:

Search: Search will find a specific word or phrase found in a recommendation title. This will not search recommendation details.

Initiative: A drop-down menu shows every initiative currently active in the roadmap. Select one or more initiatives to filter them.

Recommendation Status: Filters by current recommendation status based on client decisions.

Note: When filters are active, a notification in the form of a number badge will appear on top of the filter icon. This is to notify the user of how many items are showing as a result of selected filters. To clear the filter selections, click the X next to the notification window.



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