Organization Groups

Organization groups allow users to better segment data and provide specific organization access to individual users.

By default, all organizations are added to a group titled All Clients. This group is visible to all users. Creating specific organization groups (by geography or vertical) allows you to add users to that group and prevent those users from seeing other client data. Please note: in order to allow users to see only specific clients, those users will need to be removed from the All Clients group.

To get started, click Organization on the menu bar. Click the three vertical dots menu next to the Add Organization button and select Manage organization groups.



You will see that however many organizations you have will all be part of the All Clients group and therefore, visible to all users.




To add a custom organization group, click the Add Organization Group button.


Here you can assign which clients fall under the umbrella of that organization group and which users you would like to provide access to that organization group.

Please note: By default, all clients are placed in the All Clients group and all users are placed into this All Clients group. This means that all users can access to all clients.

If you want to prevent certain users from accessing all clients, click the All Clients group, and on the Organization group details panel, click the three vertical dots and select Edit organization group.




To remove users click the Individual user access link. Remove the check box from the desired users, back out of this panel and then click the Save button. 

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