How Can I Delete/Remove/Deactivate a Client?


I would like to remove a client from myITprocess but not lose any of their data.  


Any client can be deactivated within myITprocess. A deactivated client will be invisible within the software and will not show on any reporting.  When you deactivate a client their historical data will be saved but will be inaccessible for 12 months.  If you need that client reactivated sooner than 12 months, please contact support@myitprocess.  Deactivated clients do not count against your licenses.


To deactivate a client:

  1. Setup > Clients.
  2. Select a client.
  3. Click the three vertical dots and select Deactivate client.
    Please note: Deactivating a client will remove that client from your license count. This client's template will no longer be modified. If this client gets reactivated at a later date, you will have to modify the client's template to include up-to-date information. Click here for more information.

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